About the Artist

Katie Willes Artist Macchi PichuHi!  I’m Katie! 

I am a self taught artist.  My degree was in Chemistry, but my art education started in museums across Europe. My mother loved art, and dragged us through museums on vacations during my teenage years when my father was stationed at a US Army hospital in Germany. My love for art continued, as I dragged my kids through museums on our own vacations.  I became a collector first, drawn to the peaceful beauty of impressionist landscapes.  My interest in abstract art was piqued with my first trip to the MoMA in New York.  A true emerging artist, I started experimenting with abstracts in acrylics in November 2018.


I’ve always been touched by beauty. The sunset over the desert, or an orchard in full bloom can stop my breath.  I try to infuse that joy of color into each painting.  As an abstract expressionist artist, I paint intuitively.  I try to bring balance and flow into each piece. I like to think my cheerful optimism shows through.  When I can’t help but smile when I look at each painting, I know I’m done. I’m a wife and mother to four kids and a labradoodle. I live and work in Utah.