About the Artist

Katie Willes is an emerging artist who paints intuitively.  Always an art lover, Katie discovered her passion for creating colorful expressive art in her 40's.  Her fearless foray into exhibiting her work quickly led to a commitment to build an artistic career.  


Self-taught, Katie relies on her ability to tap into her unconscious mind, letting the creative process unfold, rather than force an outcome. She credits the success of this process with decades of cultivated mindfulness and her experienced sense of color and design.  Her art truly reflects her personality: chaos cultivated into calm.


Highly traveled from her wandering childhood and nomadic early adulthood, Katie's art education came from visiting the museums of the world.  She finds inspiration in her travels: from the exotic calligraphic script of the Middle East, or patterns found in Byzantine mosaics in Sicily, to the pedestrian juxtaposition of color and pattern in an urban skyline, or graffiti in the inner city; all feed her subconscious  and influence her style.