My painting journey

My painting journey

It’s coming up on a year since I first started painting and it’s been a while since I’ve told my story. Here’s an introduction if you’ve just started following along recently. I always thought I was a left brain person. I discounted my creativity, and didn’t give credit to any creative endeavors I had. I majored in Chemistry and met my husband in Physics class! I pigeonholed myself. But it wasn’t until my daughter was far away in college (Hawaii) and majoring in art, that I started to paint. I did watercolors for a while, and that was kinda fun. But it wasn’t until I started painting abstracts in acrylics that I fell in love. I quickly decided that painting was what I wanted to pursue. I have a huge growth mindset, and I have enough confidence in myself that I thought if I put in enough work, I could get pretty good! I decided I wouldn’t give up on myself until I had put in enough hours that I could be considered an expert. (10,000 hours, at 2 hours a day would be 14 years.) Then if I still sucked, and only then, would I give up. One year down, and I am in a gallery (a co-op), I’ve been accepted into a handful of juried shows, even won a judges award! I’ve sold to people across the country and in Canada, done commissions, and done lots of shows in Utah and a big one in Texas! And most importantly, I am having a blast!! I don’t say any of this to brag, but just to show what is truly possible!! My best advice to anyone starting out, or really, at any point in any endeavor, ever, is to be tolerant of imperfection. You might suck sometimes. (I know I do!!) Be okay with that! Embrace a growth mindset. Be an imperfectionist.


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